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Yesterday and the day after that

A collection of recent works by Richard A Jacobson

October 22
Artworld Fine Art
365 Evans Avenue, Toronto, Ontario


‘Yesterday and the day after that’ is an exploration of the effects of past on future. As linear living beings, we tend to look forward and glance back only through nostalgia. These moments are the ones that shaped us.

In the most basic terms these painting are illusions created by pushing around colored mud on a sheet of wood. In more technical terms, these paintings are an exploration of light, texture and volume, using a medium that has been in the hands of painters since the 1400’s. To stop there, however, would be to disregard the primary reason they exist.

Each painting is a conversation; visual dialogue to engage the viewer in a conversation that reveals a truth. A basic truth of being human as well as an acknowledgement of the human experience and the parallels which this entails.

Our lives are filled with so much it is impossible to see it all, feel it all, react to it all. It is the artist’s charge to show the world to unseeing eyes. Eyes veiled by living; numbed by the minutes of ordinary living. Here art holds up a hand, commanding a pause to take notice.

Take a moment. Here is what is missed. Here is what life is.

“Art is a lie that tells the truth.” Picasso


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